10 weeks and CELEBRATING!

by Carol

It has been ten weeks since I last laid eyes on MM and 4 weeks since he stopped sending me emails.

I am celebrating!

It was difficult in the beginning. Now if I find myself dwelling on him and wondering what he's doing, I get sick of the thoughts quite quickly.
I am not expecting to forget the whole painful business tomorrow, but it has started to fade.

Things are looking a little brighter and the pain is no longer what it was.

Take heart if you are trying to break free.

Good Luck to everybody out there in the same boat.


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10 weeks and CELEBRATING!

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Apr 20, 2011
Well Done
by: Hurt

Congratulations Carol!!!
I hope you can see it through. I posted on here some time ago that I had finished with my MM after 18 months. I ended it and told him not to contact me again.
He came sucking back into my life in January after 6 months of nil contact. Unfortunately for me I opened the door to him.
Needless to say it is the same old stuff. So, I need to break free again!
It is a horrible feeling to start with and I often thought about him but then I felt free. I just need to remember that feeling again.
Again, good for you. I am drawing inspiration from you!!!

Mar 03, 2011
me too
by: Anonymous

have been away from mine for a long time now too.cant believe i waited so long to get rid of him.my only regret is i didnt do it sooner.as you say it hurts a bit in the beginning,but after the peace of mind,no crying,sleeping better,feeling better is PRICLESS.GOODLUCK TO YOU AND YOUR NEW FUTURE.XXXX

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