21 Years Younger Than me

by Gorgeous Green Eyes
(Atlanta, GA)

Plus he is a Cop (Detective) and A Baptist Youth Minister ...Wow. You know, you just don't wake up one morning and say, Hey, I am going to sleep with a Married Man today...And believe me, I look 20 years younger than my age and I am dating men from 30 - up to 60! There is no shortage of men for me at all.

How I met this guy was when I had to file a police report for a Felony Theft (of which this cop was able to get a FELONY CONVICTION ON THIS guy)that had occured from a guy I had met ON LINE (!) and was dating at the time.....I knew he was married and it was like gasoline being poured on fire when we met....(I am 56 and he is 35)He actually took my breath away 6'5", good looking and sharp dresser...And what a gentleman :) And all of the sudden my case became a top priority and within 2 weeks we slept together...at this time He had not revealed to me that he was also a Baptist Preacher.

Found out later...(!) The attraction between us was unlike anything I had felt in over 25 years. (I have been married 4 times to 3 men)....(widowed once) The last time I saw him was about a month ago (we broke it off May 4th) and we were out for dinner and he turns to me and he says "I love my wife and I love my family"..of which I said, "You might get mad at me for saying this but You may love your wife but you are NOT IN LOVE with her because if you did you would not be here with me AND a happily married man does not step out on his wife.."

He just looked at me....And then when we walked to my car...he was on duty and was coming over later on that night when he got off shift @ 11:00...he had a huge erection in BROAD DAYLIGHT(VERY NOTICEABLE)(and he being a cop has a gun on his hip) in the parking lot (This was about 7:00pm)and said, Unless you hear from me I will be at your place around 11:00. I will never be able to get this visual out of my mind about him standing there looking at me with the erection! Especially after he had announced that to me earlier. I never intended to get involved with this man...he made excuses to come over to my office (I work for a law firm) and the Police Dept (his office) is one block away from my office.

And he even offered to come over my place initially to take fingerprints from my jewelry cases and chests (I had jewelry and furs stolen from me)And I knew he was very attracted to me and at one point asked me "Can you be discreet?" DUH. I really liked this guy, and NO, I never fell in love with him...although I could have...And I knew that in another lifetime, we would have been perfect together...We talked alot and the chemistry was fantastic and I am not talking just about the sexual chemistry.

I met him in January 2010 and the last contact was about 2 weeks ago. I tried to break it off with him back in early March but it did not last. He says he feels very guilty (and I was too) and I told him that he needed to do what he had to do FOR his two kids, 5 & 8 yrs old) and to love his wife and to not do this anymore... Sure, I had thoughts that we could be together and we knew that and we discussed it. BUT, the fact that he is so much younger than me is a main factor here, him being married or not. We both agreed that we are soulmates and sometimes people come into your lives to help you through an expressed need or to teach you some kind of lesson. He is a sweet gentle soul and for whatever reason he cheated...opportunity, desire, not enough attention at home, etc...

He was very kind to me and I will never EVER forget him. Sometimes you have to tell your heart NO. I thought of his wife and two kids and I had to step away from this...BUT it's not every day that someone makes you feel 30 years younger. And I knew that while right now I WANTED him there would have come a time in the future that I would begin to NEED him..this was a determining factor for me... I would probably have missed this man even if I had never met him..he was that special to me. And He will remain special to me forever.

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21 Years Younger Than me

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Jun 10, 2012
Back Again in My Life NEW
by: Gorgeous Green Eyes

Ok. This beautiful classy man is back in my life...stwarted on Valentine's Day 2.14.2012 and I had not had any contact with him since September 2011...Had been dating another (boy toy) but that is never going to work!!! Here is this man wishing me a Happy Vlentine's Day....when I saw text....it blew my mind....So I answered the next morning and we planned to get together the next night....Well, my conscience started to bother me and I told him something came up.... well...then in another 2 weeks.(March 2012)I hear from him again..this man is so sweet and attentive and classy and sexy...so I made plans to see him again...THEN again I started having second thoughts. Every day for a week he is eithe texting or calling....And I heard from again on April 19. So I texted him on Friday (June 8 2012) afternoon and we will get together in a week....He said he thought I didn't really want to see him...awwww. But to tell you the truth I do want to see him...more than anything.... And I will this time. He is so very very special to me.......This man is so perfect for me.....

Nov 22, 2011
and we saw each other again Sept. 13,2011 NEW
by: Gorgeous green eyes

We saw each other again.......OMG.....we had a wonderful evening.......he had dropped by my office the day before in full uniform because of 9/11....(EVEN though he is a detective...) wow wow wow......I have been seeing a 26 yr old Special Ed HS teacher since January and between the both this has been a wonderful year but this 38 yr old cop is the at the top.....He still leaves me breathless.....:) and its so funny how we keep coming into each other's life......He is soooo special to me.....

May 09, 2011
Still Feeling The Same with 21 Years Younger Than me...WOW
by: Gorgeous Green Eyes

April 13, 2011 We saw each other again!!!.....WOW the feelings are still there even when you get a call out of the blue...I had e-mailed him asking him something about a PD function in our city....and he called me at my office within 2 min....DID not ask him to call or anything....He was working night watch so he came over later on that evening.....wow....He said things were still the same at home...So, until I see him again... we will always feel this way about each other I will continue to think of this beautiful intelligent man and smile. Never say Never! Because you just NEVER know.........By the way I am seeing another man who is single but he is 32 years younger and is a High School Teacher....Can my life get any more complicated?????? But this MM is so my favorite......!!!! And I will always make time for him......

Apr 18, 2011
I saw him AGAIN this weekend......
by: GorgeousGreenEyes

Wow. Six months can go by and I still feeling it for this man......he is unhappily married and yet we both like each other SO MUCH and get along...I still can date other men and yet this man is SO SO special I will dump anybody if he wants to see me. Yes. And I did just that Friday Night.....OMG the feelings are still there and just maybe, just maybe one day we can be together You never know.....there is a reason why he keeps coming back into my life and he is SO SPECIAL and so beautiful he is just irresistable...and it is not the sexual aspect we talk and talk...Maybe ONE DAY...you never know...I call this HOLDING ON LOOSELY.....Not too tight but never letting go....I will like this man until I die.....I will NEVER stop wanting him and liking him....I told him that Friday night and that he was so so special.....He needs to hear that because he is just that!!! He literally takes my breath away when I am with him......WOW.

Oct 08, 2010
We Saw Each Other Again Tonight....UPDATE
by: Gorgeous Green Eye

Well, we saw each other again tonight after an e-mail , and then a phone call and we decided to meet after work. Wow. He is as gorgeous and handsome as ever and he tells me your not just very pretty you are beautiful. Wow. and he says things are not good at home (and have not been prior to meeting me in January) and he did what I had suggested he do, (love your wife and do this for your kids)but it is not working... and he is very stressed out with his job.(Police Detective)

I am sad,not because he left to go back home, but because this can NEVER be for so many reasons. Remember, he is now 36 and I am now 57. He is so special and we both agreed tonight we both have been thinking of each other and that we are still very attracted to each other. And that we like each other very much. I don't know if we will see each other again, but I am very happy that I saw him tonight. I keep telling my heart no, but my heart overruled me today and I agreed to see him. He is much more stressed than since the last time I saw him (5 1/2 months ago) I want so much for him to be happy and I know I made him happy tonight. Right man, wrong lifetime. The chemistry is still there after all these months. I don't have to even see this man for months and the attraction is still there! I feel like a teenager when we are together and my pupils dilate. My knees go weak....With all that being said, I would miss this beautiful man EVEN if we had never met, he is that special to me. And will always be... and 20 years from now I will think of him and smile.

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