A Lesson Learnt..

I am a 25 year old married. I was in relationship(no sex) with a guy who loved me so much. I was not very much interested in him as he was not good looking and our interests hardly matched. But I held him as I know he loves me for real and also I didn't want to hurt him. For which God taught me a lesson.

A year ago, I met another guy at my workplace. It was just friendship at first. Then we met often in the evenings just for a walk. I started feeling a strong affinity towards him. I felt as if I found the love of my life. We kissed each other one day and from then we met often and would exchange hugs and kisses.

Then came his birthday. I bought him lot of gifts and he was very happy about it. unfortunately he left to his hometown and I couldn't spend the day with him.

He came back after a week and that is when all started. He has expected me to buy a birthday cake for him. I would have done it if he had told me already. Seriously I never thought about it as I have already bought him so many gifts and also he came after a week from his home. Anyways I apologized thousand times to him for that matter. He never forgave me.

You know what, only then I saw his real face. He started abusing me through stale words. I have never seen anybody behaving so pathetic just for not buying a birthday cake. I had no intention of leaving him. I was so mad. I kept explaining him which he failed to understand due to immaturity. I tried convincing him in all ways. Nothing worked. Everything that went wrong looked to him its because of me. He had lot of false believes for which too he said it was my mistake. I accepted all as I loved him blindly.

One day he wanted to meet me in private and I, being such a lunatic I said OK thinking that will convince him. After a night with him, I felt so sick. I really felt like yack. He was so rude and he just wanted me to keep him happy sexually.He behaved like an animal. He didn't even care to know whether it hurts me. He was seriously a Psycho. He abused me at my workplace for small things. All these happened within 3 months since I met him.

For the first time I realized to where I have led my life to and how much I missed the Guy who loved me so much and how much loving he was. I decided to quit. He was not ready to quit and also he never stopped abusing me. I was so low that I decided to commit suicide sometime. Every other day he made me cry for something or the other.

Then my parents arranged to marry me to the guy who loved me( the one I ignoring in the beginning). By then I started loving the guy who loved me. I said OK to my parents happily thinking I could escape from this fool and psycho. But he never stopped calling me even after my marriage. I have literally begged him to stop calling me.

Only now, after a year, he has stopped calling me. But I still regret very badly for what I have done. I thought I deserved the pain for ignoring the person who loved me. The mere thoughts of that psycho makes me scared. And those days are still a nightmare to me. Hope his thoughts leaves me soon as my husband takes care of me very well.

Am very happily married now. And feeling lucky to getting such a caring husband.He is my world now. Never ever will think of another guy in my life.

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