A question for somebody out there.

by Millie

I have recently broken off a relationship of 2 and a half years. It was passionate and intense.

My husband was terminally ill when we met and I was very vulnerable. I lost my husband about a year after I met this man and he made himself very available to comfort me as I had little support from famly.

He still keeps contacting me saying he only wanted to help me and make me happy.
Has anybody heard of a cheating man who will say this?

I am sure it was himself he had in mind and saw me as an easy target!

He went to great lengths to achieve his objectives. He spent all his spare time in my company and started taking up my hobbies and interests.

He seemed to have an instinct for what I needed. He kept in constant contact with phone calls, emails and texts. It was isolating me from the rest of the world.

After a holiday away from the country with him, I hit reality in a big way. Everything became as clear as crystal for me.

That was three weeks ago now and I have stopped seeing him, and do not contact him any longer. He keeps bombarding me with emails and texts. I am standing firmly and determined to do what I need to.... stay away from him.

I am planning to start looking for proper dates soon, when the shock of this reality wear off for me. I am still smarting because I was conned so beautifully and softly.

I'm not there yet , but well on the way.

Any comment would be welcome.

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A question for somebody out there.

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Aug 05, 2011
stay strong
by: A fool

Your story sounds familiar. MM target you when you are vulnerable. I was so confused because my MM was so helpful and in constant contact. At first, it was comforting, but eventually it became smothering. I couldn't get anything accomplished at home or work. He seemed to care for and love me so much. He seemed so desperate to be with me but he never took action to leave his marriage. I was his light, his life, his soulmate, the love of his life, his butterfly. I am now 33 days free, and I'm not going back. You made the right decision to leave. Take care of yourself.

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