About Me

Meet the infidelity expert Sally Webb

My name is Sally Webb, the Founder of Cheating-Spouse-Alert.com, the site dedicated to women who are involved in some kind of infidelity.

I began to know the tragedy side of love and relationships at a relatively young age – I had the experience of being the third party, the cheater and the person being cheated on. I had met not just couple, but heaps of cheaters who sweet talk women into toxic and abusive relationship with them. In fact, just like other women, I was also sweet talked into an abusive relationship filled with infidelity and second chances before.

Eventually it was easy for me to spot a potential cheater from afar, mere sweet words cannot win my heart and my love life started to become black and white i.e. no more putting off a break-up and no more tolerating married men, cheating men and the likes.

Because of this exact reason, I have been known in my circle of friends of having “the emotion of a WISE rhinosaurus”, they probably tried to tone it down a bit. I started to also become the person to turn to when they have questions about dating and relationship – especially infidelity.

I decided to share my (and many others’) experience and mistakes to women out there using the technology – to let them know they are not alone when it comes to infidelity; to give them guidance and support when they need it the most – even if they don’t have a wise rhinosaurus in their direct circle of friends.

No matter what situation you are in right now, I hope to be a help to you.

I wish you Good luck.

Sally Webb