am i waisting my time with him?

by amanda
(kitwe zambia)

Ok so i met the father to my unborn child not longer than two years ago! When we started dating everything was all roses n rainbows,till the time he decided to tell me the truth about him having a wife and two kids, which i later found out that actually has three kids with his wife, and two other kids with two differen't women, making my child the sixth child! He live in the same house with his wife and three kids, though they don't share the same bedroom. I have ended my relationship with him on several occasions but he keeps on coming back, i suggested that we just stay friends after i found out that he was recently having another affair with someone else, but then he proposed marrage and says he wants to live his current wife and move in with me. How do i trust him and how do i know he will not just continue with his infidelity after we settle down together and how do i become a stepmother to five children?

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