being lonely most of the time..

by riza

i am currently involved with married man for 3 years now and i just give birth this year for my beautiful son....but i am not hearing any words from him..he is still married and have 1 daughter who is in her teenage far as i know he tried to separate with her because his wife confronted him about my son...but i am not too sure if she really knows the truth....please help mee,i need an advice i really wanted to be out of this relationship......

i will just give my love to my family and to my one and only son,,,i am cying and dying each day because of the thought that he is now again staying with time he told me he is just only staying because for his daughter....please give me an advice...thank you

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being lonely most of the time..

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Aug 14, 2010
Move on for your son...
by: Anonymous

Firstly, I thank the previous comment of Dear Friend on this post.
Then to Being Lonely.. , you have a son now so you are not alone. Let his presence fill in the pace of being lonely. Try not to think of his father as the man you knew but have come to know. (only you know what to say about him) I'm not here to judge nor critize so wrap it up and move on. Just one thing: whatever the circumstances - don't speak ill about the father to his son. There were feelings (not sure if there still are) between the two of you. HOpe you meet an available man who really loves and shares a lot with you.

Jul 12, 2010
such a shame
by: Anonymous

SWEETHEART,,you know this is not going to get any better..these guys are selfish arseholes...honestly read the storys on here,they tell it all..if you really want out,you just get out,take your life bk,,you dont need it his son?if it is ,nooo chance does the wife no the full story..

i too wasted 3 yrs of my life..its nothing but heartbreak and nearly finished me..we shouldnt hav to hang around for them,if they truely loved us they wouldnt put us through the pain..especially with a child strong,think like a mother..your kids need you more,and deserve your loveing heart..dont let your kids see you unhappy,,or there lives will follow suit..get rid...if he really wants you he will come for you,,and if he doesnt then you havnt wasted yet another yr..bless your heart..dry your tears darling and stand up..

time to show him you are not his doormat any moere..hope you ok..lov from a friend..xxxxx

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