Blinded by the merried man

by Bontle
(South Africa)

My name is Bontle and I was seeing this guy for 2 years. So in October I found out I was pregnant,
when I told him he dropped the bomb that he was actually married and he was gonna tell me the next
Week about this. I just didn't even want to stress myself with him cause of the baby, so I stopped
Talking to him. He told me I should get rid of the baby cause he is trying to fix things with his
Wife, and he doesn't need all this drama in his life. But I just kept the baby and cut all communication
With him so I can focus on the blessing I have been given. Funny thing is I still want him I
Hoping its just hormones, but I love him and I don't want to hate him instead I want him back.
Right now I pray to God that I can get over this. That my story and I'm still living it.

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Blinded by the merried man

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Aug 09, 2011
Blinded by the married man
by: Anonymous

You should make him pay child support, as he has an obligation to support his child. DON'T let him get away with it free and clear. I'm sure the sex was good, but soon you got pregnant he got ghost. I was suggest getting child support, and find a single good man to love you, because they are out there. That good man should not have to support a child financially that not his if you're to get married. My experience a married man isn't a great or good man...if he cheats on his wife. If he do it to his wife, then he'll do it to the woman he's stepping to have an affair.

Just my advice...women have fallen prey to married men forever, at their vulnerable state of mind. If men who married were good men, they would lend some kind few words of encouragement, then move along.

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