Catch a cheating spouse – Get the Actual Proof Using Computer Surveillance Method

I remember the days I was stuck in the dark, I had to find out by trial and error what tools available to catch a cheating spouse.

I have written many articles on the topics of ‘how to know the signs of a cheating partner’, or ‘how to catch a cheating spouse‘ but I’ve always emphasized the fact that unless you have a hard proof and evidence in your hand, you should NOT confront your cheating partner as yet.

Of course they will deny it.

The most frustrating situation to be in is to KNOW that he is cheating on you (like…you’re at least 90% SURE about it), but you just can’t prove it so he’s roaming free cheating with his colleague, online girlfriend, personal trainer, secretary etc..whilst keep giving you totally invalid crappy excuses.

Ok, first of all I’m sure you’ve heard about using the ‘history’ on your web browser – to check what sites he’s been on. Ok that can prove the fact that he used hotmail, rsvp, and other ‘signs of cheating’ website…but so what!?

If your partner uses computer – most likely unless if he’s 80 years old.

One really good way to find out about his cheating activity like a detective is to use software (computer surveillance) tool.

Computer surveillance to get the evidence


So yes I deployed computer surveillance, secretly getting sensitive information, his keystroke pressed, emails and chat sessions (including deleted ones), and even login and password information he entered.

(Who cares about ethics, he is cheating on YOU, he’s not being honest to you – and you KNOW it. So might as well go the little bit extra mile to catch him in the act.. don’t worry it’s easy)

Okay now before you go and find on the internet a ‘computer surveillance software’ I must let you know a smart cheater is well aware of this method and they can just install an ‘ANTI-spy software‘ to detect this software. I’ve used a wrong computer surveillance software before…

And that’s exactly why I don’t want you to get just any computer surveillance software on the market out there – most of them are for employers to control employees or for parents to control kid’s online activity – not dedicated tocatch a cheating spouse.

The one I used to actually catch him was a logging software called snooper, but recently I’ve just found something that works wonders called ‘Sherlock e-Pro’, and I can’t believe Sarah Paul (The author) actually decided to offer it as a free bonus…that’s a crime altogether! But anyway, for whatever reason it is, that thing works so check it out for yourself this tool dedicated to “catch a cheating spouse” by Sarah Paul.

Not only the tool works, I actually like her book a lot when I first got my hands on it because it doesn’t just focus on those obvious things – rather it focuses on more psychological behaviour of a cheater. I must warn you though, you probably need to think it through before you get this because before you know it you WILL find some proof and you will know exactly whether or not he is cheating. So I wouldn’t recommend getting it unless you are quite prepared to know the truth.

Of course I have used other spy software such as ‘SpyAgent’, but the manual written by Sarah is just priceless, and best of all – the software comes with it as a bonus to it. (I still can’t believe the software comes with the excellent book for free)

Cost of Computer surveillance software

Computer surveillance software like this normally cost from $49 – $149 depending on the features and what you use it for. There are many reviews on the internet about spy surveillance software.

But then again , if you are not sure how to use the software, make sure you get one from underground infidelity expert – so you minimise the risk getting caught spying or even installing these software.

Don’t take my word for it – have a look for yourself what I’m talking about here

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