Cheating husband: Top ten signs your spouse is cheating

I have been asked many times: what are the 10 signs of a cheating husband?

Look…you probably have that gut feeling telling you something isn’t right.

You probably KNOW it.. he IS cheating.

But sometimes, you find it hard to believe your husband is cheating on you – as if you have been blinded – or you choose to turn a blind eye towards this.

Now I hope you manage to take your blinders off – because you deserve to know the truth.

Just to start you off, here are the top ten signs of a cheating husband:

1. The sex – he initiates sex more often.

This is a common scenario: your husband often gets home and initiate sex, his drive seems to have gone up quite a bit, and the funny thing is…you can feel it, it is just ‘Sex’- and I mean without the emotional ‘making love’ component in it.

2. He hardly wants to be intimate anymore.

This is related to number 1. This depends on whether or not he gets enough of it with the other woman. The basic rule is that if he has enough, he will not request more. If he’s been fooling around with her without actually getting enough sex…Number 1 applies.

3. Looks – he takes care of his personal appearance more.

A cheating husband will make sure his hair looks right, and will start taking more interest going to the gym. (He can even use that time to have that secret rendesvous..who knows)

4. More frequent overtime and office functions

This is definitely a sign especially if his work is just ‘customer service’. And if he is a professional, his work hours get even longer. There are more ‘colleague farewells’, and of course more unexplained business trips outside office hours too.

Also, he cannot wait for his next business trip (as if he doesn’t have enough already)

5. He takes up REGULAR hobby that doesn’t involve you

This regular hobby can include the gym (if you can call that health hobby), the library, jogging or some kind of sport. The less you are interested in it, the more chance of him taking it.

6. His cell phone has become his second shadow

A cheating husband needs to take his cell phone everywhere (Yes even to the bathroom with the door locked from the inside). This is just in case the other woman call or it’s for him to contact that other woman.

7. He eats less, or he has stomach upset

Not so smart cheater will have dinner with his secret lover until he is bloated, and won’t have the chance to touch your wonderful cooking.

8. You catch some lies – white lies, big lies..

You realise he’s been lying and start getting better at covering them up. He doesn’t want to have lengthy eye contact with you, and avoids the topic infidelity altogether. And when you push him to the edge ready to prove that he’s lying, he’ll get defensive or very angry.


9. Emails – New email address, new passwords, no history

He is using the computer a lot. When you walk in the room he minimises all windows – or closes them altogether. When he finally gets off the computer nothing is left in the history. All temporary cookies are deleted too.

He has new email addresses and change all passwords to the email address that you know about.

10. Obvious evidence

This can be perfume on his laundry items, lipstick on his collar or shirt, or even the fact that he wants to do his own laundry. Hair can also be evidence (Like…you see blonde hair in his car, and your hair is black)


On top of these signs of infidelity, you’ll find that a cheating husband starts to day dream a lot, talking much less and lose interest in you or your family.

He takes extra interest on your schedule though. He’ll even ask you twice in the same day: ‘Honey, when are you gonna get your car fixed?’ or ‘Honey, when are you taking that overseas trip?’

Still not sure? Ok he must have accummulated these signs for you to start getting suspicious.

P.S. If you want to catch him, I recommend you see:How To Catch Your Cheating Husband – Red handed, it’s valuable for anyone who may suspect this ever … and at worst, it’s great to keep just in case….

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