Cheating partner: Should I stay or should I go?

When love comes into equation, ‘a second chance’ no doubt will present itself to the cheating partner.

So this article would be quite important to you as you decide what to do in regards to your cheating partner. First of all, once you decide on something, do it and do not stay in between. It is dangerous to be in limbo state.

The very first step you should do is to accept that the cheating has happened. You should not ignore that nor put that at the back of your head.

Secondly, you should know that ‘stay or go’ decision should be made once you’ve gone through the initial shocking stage of ‘just caught your partner cheating on you’.

Here are a few factors and questions that you should take into consideration when deciding whether you should stay or go and leave your cheating partner.

1. Did your partner acknowledge his mistake and the pain it has caused? Did he apologize and have you seen any effort on their part trying to save the relationship?

2. Has your spouse/partner cut all ties with the other party? This is a must – failing this step is an immediate fail i.e. you should seriously consider leaving him

3. Is your cheating partner or spouse willing to talk about what happened and try to learn from it?

4. Can you get yourself to stop suspecting him of another infidelity?

5. Do you think you can ever rebuild the trust in this relationship?

6. Is your partner or spouse willing to talk about boundaries and what’s not acceptable vs what’s acceptable in your relationship going forward?

7. Have you discussed the issue of honesty and communication as a basis for your relationship rather than just a promise of staying faithful?

8. Are you willing to forgive him – and move forward in your relationship sometime in the future?

Finally, I must say that you are responsible to make your OWN decision. No one would be able to make that for you (Hence this article) – If I can make a decision for my friends I would’ve told them for me personally, cheating is a deal breaker.

Remember, A decision you make now will affect your future.

Whatever you do, don’t stay if you can’t handle it, but don’t leave regretting it every moment.

P.S. Making a decision such this is never an easy thing especially when your heart does not agree with your head. No matter what it’s going to be hard to take the plunge on whether or not you should leave the relationship.

I agree, no tools or quiz can make the decision for you, although there are some ebooks written on the market on this subject such as: “Should You Stay or Should You Go?”

Are you in a situation where You’re wondering if you should leave your cheating partner or you KNOW you should leave him – but you’re not sure if you’re making the right decision?

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