by Samantha
(Houston Tx, united states)

At one point in time I was very blInd and clueless. To say the least I was down right dumb.
The summer of 1999 I met this young man going to school to become a firefighter. I truly thought the world of this guy, he was very single at the time with no kids. We dated for several years while he was saving to buy a new home. Some time after firman bought his home we stopped seeing each other but my opinion of him never changed. Meaning, I thought at the time he was nice, respectable and any lady who snatches him will be very lucky! Omg boy was I wrong.

My life went on for several years of not seeing or talking to him. I dated few guys after he and I broke up. A valentines Day came up and I was talking to a co-worker about my fireman. She suggested to call him I did and something told me not to but did I listen.,,., no!

I call him tell him how much I missed him and we cought each other on what was going in our lifes. We talked for a few days after and breaks the news to me telling me he has a girlfriend. Wow! Ok, I thought to myself and he tells me that his girlfriend wants to get married but it just wasn't in his cards. I told him if you guys have been seeing each other for a year or so and living together why don't you.

He tells me NO! He tells me he wanted to see me and I agreed but we never made it that far. That day after work she calls me on my cell and she asked who I was and if I knew he had a girlfriend. I responded yes I knew and that I was just his friend. I don't think she bought it.

I spoke with him several days after that and he apologizes about the call. Moreover, his girlfriend was pist off because I'm black. There, she wanted him to give a description of my cars and place of employment. Which he didn't give. He and I stopped talking pretty much after that!

Two years went by and I seen him. He tells me he unhappily married with a young baby with another on the way! My heart dropped and pounded. He tells me he still wanted to see me! I thought what a filthy pig! Everything good I had ever thought about him went out the window! The sad part is I started sleeping with him! With not much conversation on my side. I' have since stopped all communication with him. Although, this isn't what he wants but it's the only way I can sleep at night.

I was the idiot I was wrong for everything! My bestfriend said, I should tell the wife. I can't think of the purpose telling a pregnant female such things. I think that's waaaay to much stress! I think she matters far more than my selfishness!

So, I guess we are both bottom feeders cause I knew better. I only slept with him because I was jealous of what she has but now no longer wants. I'm sure she will find out on her own about his extra marital affairs but I don't want to do anything out of spite

Well, thanks for letting me share.

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