Confused and need help...

Ive been with a married man for a few months now and am in a relationship as well. I am with my partner for 5 years now and we plan on getting married soon. The other man I am with is married for about 4 months now , we met a few months before he got married and have been physical from then. I thought it would stop after he married but it hasnt. I tried on many occasions to stop this affair but everytime i say we have to stop it happens more! He hasnt said he loves me or even has feelings for me , its just a physical thing but the thig is I think I might be developing feelings for him. I feel really guilty because I do love my partner but ever since all this began Ive been feeling very confused. I want to stop things with this married man i just dont know how because we work together and I see him everyday!
Please help....

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Confused and need help...

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Aug 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

firstly i dont seems u love your partner
if u rerly want too fix the situation i see u have to honstly with your thelf who u want?
if your par. fine will u buil the new life with abig lie?
i have tell your par, about all and try start ahealthy life

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