I know this guy. I knew he was married from the beginning. I paid him no attention...we were just cool. My birthday came and he bought me some designer shoes (I thought weird but they were cute). Then a few months later one of my parents passed, so I left to take care of business. He called and checked on me everyday...even while the wife was in the car. She knows of me but dont know me if it makes sense. I've never seen her (the wife).

One day while we were having lunch, I asked about his situation he didnt want to tell me. I kept pushing...he revealed that she cheated and he never got over it. He said he would not leave because of their kid...he'd rather sit and suffer. I took it as such and didnt mention it again. Two months after that, our relationship got physical...(not good) I felt scum. I just knew I would pay for this some how, it will come back around...maybe when I'm 40 but its coming. But I couldnt stop either...we are a great match (so to speak).

Later in the year, I started losing hope of us ever having something. So I decided to date (he didnt like this, but he didnt stop me, he said he had no grounds to...true he doesnt) then I had a one nighter with a guy...told Mr. Married and he flipped...cried, didnt talk to me for a while. I told him that I can do what I want Im not the one married sir. Huge argument...but couple of weeks later we were back okay and now he's seeing a divorce lawyer...apparently been doing this for some months without telling me (although he's not obligated to).

He said the child noticed the distance between him and her and is trying to figure out whats going on, why mommy and daddy are so mean. I dont know anymore...I try to date, I try to forget...its hard. All the info I find is telling me to walk away...hell I tell me to walk away. The info says it is a very slim chance this will work. If he does leave, then I will think he's doing this for me...I dont want that on my heart. He says he's doing it for him and its a long time coming. I said you need to be fair to me and her. I dont believe for one minute that you all are sharing a house and not sleeping together. How would she feel if she found out? Be fair to both of us and put one of us out of our misery. None of my friends know they think we are really close friends. As far as my world goes...our relationship does not exist. Looking for feedback please.

Whoooo feels good to get this off my chest.

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Feb 09, 2012
Dear Confused NEW
by: rudy

You'll be alot less confused if you keep on just dating new fish in the sea.Let this player go .#1 he's not divorced yet and even if he just signed the divorce papers he'd be on the rebound.Trust me ,the last thing you wanna do is date someone needy and on the rebound.You'll be just fine dating someone else that has alot less personal problems..

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