by Secret Sandy
(nowhere ohio)

I have been seeing a married man for about a yr now and I have been knowning him for about 15yrs or so. I have always wanted him from day one but I knew he was married so I never approached him. We ran into each other at a night club and he approached me and gave me his number. So we started this thing not expecting to fall for each other but it can only go so far b/c of his situation and he and I both dont want him to leave his wife.

We never entered into this with that intension, just to have fun and give each other what we were missing at home. I have been single for a yr coming out of a 10yr bad relationship and he came at the right time but wrong situation. He has never cheated on his wife b/4, so I was the first woman he has ever slept with in 27yrs outside of his wife. I am turning him out sexually b/c he cant get enough but he wants us to be girlfriend and boyfriend and I dont want that and its hard to tell him that without hurting his feelings. I never wanted a relationship with him just some fun and excitement. Now I do love him but not the kind of love to where I want him to leave her or be his gf. So make little comments about us just being buddies and he gets a little upset when I say that but oh well.

I agree its my fault and I shouldve let it get this far out of control, but I thought it was going to be a one night stand and thats it, but its been a yr. Dayum!!!!!!

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Jan 31, 2012
Hate to burst you bubble NEW
by: Anonymous

While I've been in your position, what I've concluded is most--if not ALL, cheating MM LIE. Right--*none of them have sex with their wives*, the wives are horrible nags, greedy emotional women...(usually by the way afer they find their man cheating--maybe I'd be the same?) It's ridiculous what they say...if it's SO BAD why don't they divorce them? Hmmmmm...almost NEVER happens. And if it does, does he run to YOU?

Because it's a lie, my dear girl. He's selfish: he's got the good wife and mother at home and the "fun girl" on the side. And I'm not trying to hurt you--I was one myself--but the longer you stay...well, wait for the circus that follows. Don't be surprised. It gets ugly quick.

Get out now.

Nov 20, 2011
Try to let go NEW
by: Anonymous

i have similar situation like you. To the point that I tried to go far away and leave in other country. However, even I'm far away, he still visited me once a year just to see me. He has 2 kids and a wonderful wife, and I don't want to destroy their marriage. I wanted to stop seeing him, but my heart are not yet ready. Until now I'm still struggling how I should teach my heart to stop loving him little by little. It's difficult and hurtful but I have to. There are things in life that we need to give up even we get hurt for the better future.

Oct 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am not surprised he is falling for you. He hasnt had sex with anyone else but the wife in 27years! You are doing the right thing not leading him on girl. Do your best to get out now if you can before his amusement turns into anger at your not being In Love with him. Good luck

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