does he love yu??

by twinky
(macon georgia usa)

its a simple formula.... break up with him.. refuse to see him unless he moves out and is truly seeking divorce.... then you will know. what he really feels..... people always do what they really want...action speaks louder than date and have a life.... while he is making up his mind...maybeeee he is the kind of man who just loves to play around..... and then you will know that he wants his marriage and the flings where he can get them...a really great convience for him.. not ful filling for will be doing him a favor in the long run.. because to be married to someone and cheating on them really creates such a distorted life.. it is far from reality... it breaks trust and love..when two people love each other the respect for their feelings, desire, fears, and joy complete a wonderful life.. you are their best friend and their lover.. he can find that with his wife.. if she is not the problem ... he is confused.. maybe even damaged ...... but a great wife will understand that and heal his wound.. i cannot imagine the guilt he must have knowing that he is ruining the one thing that is sacred to his tru happiness...he is a fool

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Aug 16, 2013
if you cheat it's over NEW
by: ron

When someone cheats on their spouse the trust is always damaged beyond repair.Sure you may try to forgive and forget,but you will never trust that person ever again.How can you?Things will never be the same ever between you and your mate.It will be a scar a psychological one ,one that will be in the back of your mind forever.Whether you're the one cheating or if you were cheated on,doesn't matter the trust will be gone.Without trust you have very little

Aug 16, 2013
cheating is for losers NEW
by: ron

living a double life will only add confusion and deceit all over the place.Why seek it?Cheating is never justifiable.Better off moving on and meet someone that won't do that to you.

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