Emotional affair VS physical affair

Emotional affair has been roaming in the society – and it is not as black and white as the physical affair.

It used to be that cheating actually meant physical affair – where a spouse is having physical intimacy with someone else other than his/her partner. It was so easy for someone to say ‘But I’ve never done anything with her/him’ to get away with what we now call as emotional cheating.

There is no evidence that can prove what’s on your partner’s mind and whether or not he is having thoughts of different person altogether. This includes thinking of a different partner (a real person) whilst having physical intimacy to the real spouse.

However, emotional affair can be defined as cheating occurring through thought or feeling. This can include having intimate conversation on the phone, email or the internet chat room with someone other than your spouse/partner.

Now, although it might only occur on phones or internet, and it might not include any physical intimacy, it can actually be considered as the more dangerous type of cheating.

Thoughts largely turn into action, whilst action doesn’t always turn into thoughts. This means, having more emotional thoughts to someone other than your spouse can just turn into something dangerous.

Emotional thoughts can lead easily to physical affair – physical affair does not always lead to emotional cheating. For example, a one night stand will not necessarily be on your thought 24/7 whilst someone you are emotionally cheating with would.

When your spouse is emotionally connecting to someone else, your marriage can be in danger as it breaks emotional connection between you and your spouse.

This is not to say that any friendship with the opposite sex can turn into some kind of affair. Healthy friendships should actually add joy to life, and should provide some things that your spouse cannot provide.

However, when you start seeing signs that you are involved in an emotional cheating. (See article Emotional affair vs Friendship ). You should definitely be on the alert.

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