Empty Love

by cathy
(hoffman estates, ill)

Yes, I am the other woman. I was married for 18 years with 3 children. My husband cheated on me. I was devastated. Heart wrenched with pain. I t took me 6 years of crying anywhere and everywhere, in the car at work at home to heal. I thru my self into school and worked 2 jobs. I did no dating for about 7 years. I worked at a restaurant and eventually fell for a manager, who was married.

Get the hammer! We would meet after work and have a drink with other friends also. Eventually it became just us. He gave me all the same lines about his wife, he said she’s into studying the bible all day and very religious, and she gave a large sum of my money to the church. I sleep downstairs’ in the basement. I don’t talk to her, all the same crap all the other cheaters say, and yes I was very very wrong to even go with this person. I should have known better, this happened to me and I was no better then the cheater…I was afraid I would be alone the rest of my life. Who would ever love me?

I never really dated a lot. I really though … now as smart as I thought I was.. THAT HE WAS DIFFERENT!!!….OH.. HE WOULD NEVER BE MEAN.. We had many good times. He said his wife caught him and I once. . So we later still continued. Hotel room after hotel room, some small trips, dinners. He lived at his house and I at mine. We both had kids. This lasted for 13 years. I know, slap me now! I really had hoped I would marry him. Everything wasn’t always rosie. I was so board at times I wanted to jump out a window. But I was always good, polite, showing concern for him first. , Only ordered the cheapest meals on the menu. I was forced out of the restaurant job. I had for 10 years and he never helped me and he worked there.

FLAG!! My mother died and he was never there for me, my father died and he was never there for me. Wow how many red flags did I need? I one time needed money to meet a bill he said.. just ask. Me for it…I thought in my family when someone needs money. It’s on the table. FLAG!! He never gave me any financial help, or any other help. Lifting, moving, help in general. I was a very independent woman. And an IDIOT!! Well to shorten this up, he said the divorce was in process soon. This took a year and a half. He had a Christmas present for me with my name and a card with it only he left the present under his tree at his house. So the wife saw it, he said questioned it and she said I know your cheating.

Now he brings the present to my house drops it slightly loud and the table and said here.. It was drinking glasses. Wow what a lover’s gift. He said she knows bla bla bla… He takes me out to dinner for my birthday. I felt ahhh he’s physicial ly with me but somewhere else mentally not with me there, because stupid me… he met his new women…, only I never new. Takes me to my house and stays for a bit then kisses me and said I got to go, I’ll call you…that was in December. I wanted to not bother the divorce, so I waited for him to call ,,,January, February then I called… he gave me oh my daughters having a hard time with the divorce bla bla,, now come s March, April, May, June, I made one call to him, he never replied. So I didn’t want to bother anyone and be a pest I though he was going thru a grueling divorce. 2 1/2 years later my daughter said check out my pictures on facebook , I don’t belong. So I joined, checked out her pictures, and for fun put his name into facebook and it said he no longer works at that restaurant, he was force to resign. Fool did something stupid. One great goes around comes around …for me .

Called him, left mess, he called me back ,I said what happened . He gave me some bla bla bla .. we talked I said are you in a relationship? He said yeeah. I said how long? A couple of years now …WOW WHAT A TRIPPLE IDOT I WAS. He said…. oh were packing now because were going to Italy. NO don’t call him name s give me a jack hammer for my brain, because I want to gut out what little brains I have left. He lives 5 min. from me so furryisly I pulled half way in my drive way ..then said no.. IDrove to yokem’s house, and pounded on the glass patio door. Went to the front, he opened door cauchisly and I was in such a Hyperventilating rage and tried not to look crazy. Said this and that, he said you know she lives here… How the heck would I know that? My heart was pounding ..And was like guarding the door firmly so I would not take an step in (she was probably hiding behind the door) I said your an a--h--- ,and a cheat, lire, snake.

He looked as if he couldn’t care less. Couldn’t wait till I left. I said bye and left. My brother said, yea she was probably standing behind the door and when you leave , yokem will close the door and say to his new ladyfriend….see honey, I told you she’s crazy… Now I am a lady that was cheated on 2x and got what I deserved for the second one, BECAUSE I HAD NO BRAINS IN DATING A MARRIED MAN . Well alrighty then, nowhere I sit alone, saddened for what happened to me years ago Very stupid for what I did this 13 years wasted on what I should have seen as LOTS OF RED FLAGS, and EMPTY BULL---T LOVE , and he will do it to her too!!! SO please love yourself first.


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Empty Love

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Nov 09, 2011
This could be me!
by: Anonymous

this could be me!!! The only thing is I haven't yet caught him with someone else. Every time I say I need to walk away something happens to make me change my mind. I really need to get the strength to move on.

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