Eyes Opened

by Carol

Hi Everybody ,

I have posted before and since finished with the M.M. about 6 weeks ago.

Today I received an email.

He asked if he could send emails and we could exchange details of our lives from time to time.. He misses me badly and is lost. He says he will never find anybody lie me again.... Of course he won't/ I'm TERRIFIC.

MEANWHILE, he is making "things right" in his marriage as his wife found he was phoning me. He is recovering from our relationship of 3 years a nd will eventually get on with his retirement and life. He said if I would allow him he would be back with me in a heartbeat.

Can you believe this ass hole.... making things right in his marriage and propositioning me at the same time.

Wow! If any one of you is still pursuing the M.M.....Just read this. He is a well respected citizen. He holds his head high in the community and is STILL pursuing me even after he has been caught out.

My reply was to delete the email account that I had for his mail. I do not read texts or reply to calls anymore, and they are still coming.
I am ready to move on now. It has been a long 6 weeks but I am feeling like I am really over him. I would never want to go back there and live like that again.

My mind and heart are at peace. I am meeting a man at the weekend with a view to friendship, nthing more.

Stay Strong Ladies and Gentlemen.

There is a much better life place for you than with an MM or MW

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Eyes Opened

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Sep 16, 2011
happy for u
by: Anonymous

I was also with a MM, and yes, he told me the same things too. Miss me, can't bear life without me etc. BUT he got his wife pregnant. What bullshit.

They will always be like this. Am glad for u that you have cut contact with him. It won't be easy, but it will be okay. You will be okay!

Feb 09, 2011
possible helping hand
by: Anonymous

I feel so sorry for his wife... This is why people like us need to know what these kind of people think like, this is why i did some research, i ended up tracking down this place
gave me an absolute tonne of info, and to this day still helps me spot a cheater and feel comfortable in a relationship

Feb 02, 2011
Classic Cheater
by: Latenite

I agree with you "Eyes Opened".

If he is attempting to reconcile any differences in the marriage, then he should not be pursuing you by any means.
I have a feeling your not the only OW. He seems to be a classic cheater. I don't know. It's possible too that he feels an overwhelming burden by guilt by leaving you standing, while he attempts to relight the flames at home. I'm not sure those flames ever went out at home. Reason for concern with this one.
IMO your making the right move. Good Luck to you.

Feb 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

Woohoo!! Great to hear Carol!

He's seriously an asshole you're right.. and to even make 'things right' with his marriage.. what makes him think he can even proposition to you?..

That's so annoying!.. but I'm so happy to hear the fact that you just get out of it and delete the emails... keep it up!

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