Finally done with this married man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Ms Brown Sugar
(Montana Ohio)

I was with a married man for about 2yrs and he finally got caught. He kept on drilling me about loving him and letting go of my heart and I finally did and then he was busted. He was sick and stayed home from work and I text him to see how he was doing and he told me that he was sick and I was concerned about him so I asked him if he was home by himself and he stated no that the wife was home. Well after he was done texting me, he said the wife snatched his phone and asked who I was but my name was under a different name because I know the wife but I havent seen her in about 20yrs. So he says that she started asking him questions and he confessed to her my identity and the shiggidy hit the fan. So now I havent heard from him in over two wks and I was hurt,still am but relieved that all this is out and I can start living right, I miss him so much but it was all lies that were told to me.

The wife called my phone several times wanting answers and I was willing to talk with but I was at work so by the time I was off she had changed her mind and didnt want to talk with me. Which I am so glad because she would only hurt more inside. My attitude was so terrible about men so when we met I didnt care about anyones feelings since I was always getting cheated on but you cant go around hurting other people just because I was hurt previously. I have learned my lesson and I want to do qwhat is right and live by gods word. Finally done with this married man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Finally done with this married man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sep 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

People mess up everyday, lesson learned. And maybe there arent any single men out there and thats why she went that route. Everybody makes mistakes, hopefully she has learned. And god forgives everybody. Only he can judge people.

Sep 20, 2012
about time NEW
by: ron

If you had just involved yourself with a single man ,none of this would of happen.But no you messed around with someones husband .Now you know the crap that will go down when you mess w/ a married man.Stick w/ single men there are enough of them out there.

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