Follow up to EYES OPENED.

by Carol

The M.M. whom I dumped 6 weeks ago has tried to re establish contact with me several times.

Yesterday he sent an email to my prime email address... don't know how he got it but maybe sometime during our almost 3 year relationship.

He said he had a small gift for me and would post it when he could get away from his wife. ... the wife he is trying to make things right with!

I emailed saying I would post it back to his house if he sends it. I also said that I don't want a reminder of a man who caused me so much pain and emotional distress.

I truly don't want anymore reminders or memories of that time of madness in my life. It just seems surreal and dream like now. I was grieving for a dying husband, who barely recognised me.

6 weeks ago I would have accepted the gift. I would have looked at it as the last memory of him, to be kept and treasured. Now I DON'T WANT any part of it. My feelings towards him have changed considerably. I can see him now as somebody who ruthlessly used my loneliness and vulnerability, and his wife's naievety to get exactly what he wanted. Never saw it before and accepted what he said about wanting to help me.... he was helping himself.

I wasn't special.... just especially needing somebody to pay me attention and give me some affection . He saw it and pounced.


Look after you needs in a healthy way if you can.

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Follow up to EYES OPENED.

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Feb 16, 2011
Thanks Shawn
by: Carol

I threatened to post anything he sent me back to his wife!

I have not heard a squeak from him since of course.

I would never do anything like that but it seems the threat was enough to stop him in his tracks.

Thanks for the male viewpoint.

Feb 16, 2011
Glad you are staying strong
by: Shawn

I'm very glad you are staying strong in this one. Personally? I'd threaten to tell the wife he is "working on things with" if he continues to contact you. A dude like this? He needs to be busted for good. You can't help but feel sorry for his wife at this point.

Stay strong and don't even think about responding to this asshole.


P.S. Yep, I am a guy and I see this one for what he asshole!

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