Free after 2 years and 4 months! A long Affair and a long story.

by Millie

I'm 63 and the man I was involved with is 69. Maybe we are older than the average to have had an affair... I'm not sure.

My husband was in the last stages of a terminal disease when we met on a website for seniors. I was extremely lonely and lacking support from my family and friends. Company was what I was seeking originally.

He was looking for a companion and sex partner who could share interests and time with him. I have found out over the period we were seeing each other that everything ( to my knowledge) he told me was true. He lives quite close to me and from what I see, everything he said about his life and family is true. He was a lonely man due to his spouse's involvement in many community service organisations.

Of course the inevitable happened and we had a dynamic long term affair. We did many things together and shared fabulous sex( yes I KNOW we sound old but it truly was!) I had the time and he somehow made the time. We even went away out of the country for a holiday.

It was after the holiday and frequent bouts of depression on my part that I made the decision to stop the affair.

Since the eventual death of my husband, I became increasingly lonely and the affair was isolating me from my friends and family. He was claiming more and more of my time and energy. We had begun pursuing several hobbies together and joined a couple of social groups in an effort to spend more time together. This worked to an extent but it wasn't enough for me. I was beginning to feel the need for more and more time with him

I would never have asked him to leave his real life. At his age, he wouldn't survive such a big change, having been married for 50 years. It simply would never work. He is retiring shortly and will move into being a pensioner and another phase of life.

We talked about breaking up quietly and calmly together and agreed to do.We still chat occasionally . I miss him badly and he misses me also. It has left a gaping hole in both our lives for sure, since we spent all our spare time together. Nobody ever died of a broken heart, but sometimes it feel as though I might.

He was extremely kind and understanding to me during some really bad times when I honestly had no family who was willing to help or listen. I will always remember him with gratitude and some kind of affection for those times.

I am standing on the brink of a brand new life.... alone and a bit overwhelmed. It is beginning to feel better... no more longing for him and feeling like the one on the outside. THAT I don't miss. It's time for my own new beginning.

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