Gamer Sex Mistress

by Gamerfun

I met a married man through an online multiplayer gaming console. We had a good conversation and started to frequently play with each other. We talked about random stuff, sex was one of our first conversations. I can talk about sex freely with anyone. He did say he was married with a child. I was completely cool with it, i didnt think anything would come of us anyway. He lives hundreds of miles south from me. Our discussion about sex was enticing

. We grew eager to see what each other looked like. So we decided to text and web cam. Our interaction became sexual. It was our main purpose to view each other. He wanted everything to be discreet, as do i. We decided to strictly keep our communication via gaming console only. Now as I see it, its no different than internet porn. He is someone to play with and use for entertainment. I have no desire in ending his marriage or having this become a physical or emotional affair. A couple of weeks ago he admitted that he liked me. After that our gaming console went offline for 2 weeks. I didnt think about him too much. I did think i should text him, we rarely did that, to say it sucks not to play together. I didnt think it was worth doing if it meant he had a chance to get caught. He did a week later hit me up on instant messaging saying he been thinking about me and missed me. So we exchanged numbers since he was away on business and risks were low. We have sent more pictures and videos in the that time. I never pretend that he isnt married. We both sometimes bring her up and will engage in the topic respectfully.

He has complained about his married life and his doubts with the wife's fidelity. As a woman i have never been cheated on, im sure its devastating and calamitous. I dont want to be the person to do that to someone else. I try to make good judgment on what i have chosen to engage in. I told him that things for us are better this way: via electronic communication. In my opinion what we have done is not cheating tho im sure if it was found out his wife would devastated. Which is hard for me. I have no emotional connection with him. Mine are mainly physical fantasy with the man. He finds me attractive and a "cool ass chick". We have had desires to meet and actually be intimate. It is something i rather avoid at all costs. To me its porn through and through. To cross that line is just unsettling and changes the game completely. I know that im a nice distraction from his married life and i make him feel desired/wanted/attractive. My plans in this is to keep it as is. I do worry that he may get emotionally attached or thinks that married life isnt for him. My personal attention may make him think that he married too young or that marriage isnt worth working on. I do remind him this is what we are & nothing more. In the long run i'd like to think i was the woman that was fun and made him feel good about himself and didnt destroy his marriage. Just a simple chapter of the that man's life of that really cool chick i met while playing video games.

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Gamer Sex Mistress

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May 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

It sounds as though he hasn't been married that long, meaning possibly less that five years. Yes, what you two are doing is basically internet porn. It's really no different than being with each other under the circumstances. You are interacting with a live person, and so is he. It's not as though he is masterbating to a porn magazine, or movie. This is all one thing. But in your last sentence you made this about you. The woman he married has already done the things for him that you hope to do. I'd move on to real life stuff. Good Luck.

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