Have you ever?

by penny singleton

Have you ever loved someone,more than yourself? Have you ever thought that person loved you as much? Have you ever made excuses for why he was still with his wife? If you can answer those questions then you are in the same boat I am. Ive loved him for 5 years, Ive been no. 2 for 5 years and every year the resentment has grown. It has finally came to the fact that what ever he says is nothing but blah,blah,blah. The word he tells you mean nothing because the numbness has began to set in, and after 5 years you been to realize that you are one of the statics of a married man. hr doesnt care about you only cares that you are there for him when it is convient for him.

I really thought that we were the different case,we really loved each other, but now I realize he only loved himself. what ever or who ever made him feel good on that day.I would hang on the every word he told me and think it was the truth,but now, I realize that his words were just that,words.There wasnt much I could do.Each and every night., i watched him drive away, to his home and his wife.I always thought I was stronger than to put up with that,but I became a casuality very quickly.I have realize now that if they dont leave within the first year that they wont leave, i only wish that I would of realized that in the first couple of years.The pain now as become so unbearable that i just want to curl up and wish the pain to stop.UI have now realized that he could separate sex and love but I still cant.

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