he got caught

by geena

he is not married but in a 20 yr relationship, his kids are all grone and out except for his 13 yr old son. he lied to her, she called me and left a message, he bought me nice things and still does, we do work toghter and he gives me attention and affection all day, we go for walks on our breaks and we like eachother, but cooled down, i think he wants to leave, he said there is no reason for stayin his kids are all grown up, he is 42 she is 36 and never dated anyone else in her life, she was 16 when they met. not sure what i will do, but>>>>>

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he got caught

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Dec 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

Dam girl you ve got your whole life ahead of you,why are you wasting your time and energy on a man whos already taken?Men are like busses one comes around every 15 mins. Catch the next one is my advice to you. Your still young enought o have your pick of any man out there. Dont end up in a relationship where theres already been lies and distrust. there will always be that question of once a cheat always a cheat only next time youll be the next mrs. X

Dec 06, 2010
10 ways to tell a cheat
by: uk investigation

5 ways to tell if your partner is cheating on you

1. You Feel It In Your Gut: Very often, you get this nagging little feeling that something is wrong before you actually start to notice the ensuing behavior. It's often an increased awareness that things aren't going as they normally do or that your partner is becoming more distant, critical, or evasive.

2. You Miss His Or Her Presence Because He's / She's Just Not There As Much: Often, I write about missing them metaphorically. Now, I'm talking about missing them physically. Often when someone is cheating, they spend less and less time at home or together. You're with them less. Whereas before they would ask you to tag along on errands or outings, this is the case less and less of the time.

3. His Or Her Excuses Are New Or Just Don't Make Sense: Often, the behavior changes and then the excuse comes. Examples are the person who only did the bare minimum at work is suddenly putting in a lot of overtime. Or, the guy with the relatively new car begins having tons of car troubles. Or, the girl who wasn't particularly close to her family now needs to go and see her distant aunt. Often, as they need to cover their tracks more and more, you'll begin to see a lot more of these out of left field excuses that don't mesh with their prior behavior.

4. Intimacy And Sex Changes: It's Either Much Less In Frequency, Or Much More Adventurous / Experimental Or Is Not Typical Behavior: There's the old stereotype that when someone cheats, they either stop having sex with the person at home, or they only go through the motions, but this isn't always the case. Sometimes, sexual activity actually increases and you'll see that they want to try new things, almost as if they are trying to prove to themselves that they can get at home what they're seeking somewhere else. Often, sometimes the new things that they're doing with their partner in cheating will broaden their horizons, so to speak.

5. They're More Critical Or Vocal: You may notice that the little things that they used to really like about you now bothers them. Did they used to love your low key attitude? Now, they'll wonder why your not ambitious enough. Did they used to love your sense of humor but now find it corny? Did they used to love that you couldn't get enough of them but now find you possessive? All of these changes are tip offs that they're changing their attitude and perception about you, likely because they need to justify the cheating to themselves.

Is Your Partner Cheating

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