He liked me for me

by Janey
(Lower East Side NYC)

I am young and single. Some may say single by choice, I say single because Its hard for me to connect with someone and when I do its hard to sustain that connection. I am a teacher I have 24 students and this year 24 dads, the most conventional year. One divorced the rest "happily" married. Or perhaps just the latter of the two. There was one dad who would come up and chat every morning, it was all his words that had me grasping for air. The month went by, things started to change i had gone to his house so he could show me around- I thought something would have happened, it was him and I ...nothing happened. I went again to return something to him and we were alone yet again and nothing happened. I thought perhaps I was wrong. He began to avoid me, i didnt understand why. To make a long story ive had a looming crush on him for the past 7 month and as I sit here and type this out relationship is on the brink of change. I should mention we do not have any realtionship of any dubious means, chats hi's bye's and the occasional how was breakfast- is on the brink of change and im scared and confused.

I am his kids teacher, so ive crosssed the line. Not only do I love his kid but I love his wife. I would never want to hurt them. It has nothign to do with them when I think of him its only him and they are not part of the equation. What I saw in front of me the past 7 months was a warm,kind,caring,loving jovial man and I fell for him, I crossed a multitude of lines and i want to move forward. I know this is wrong but I also know that im vulnerable and he makes me feel good emotionally at least and i want to know if i could have the opportunity to be with such a wonderful man or am i just completely nuts. We have this great connection. Any advice.......other than the normal its very wrong and stay away....

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