by Carol

HI Everywone,

Since the affair ended 4 moths again I have been visiting some dating websites. I am single and a free, very loney woman.

I had a contact yesterday from a website, opened it up and who should it be but ex MM!!!!!!!

He obviously didn't recognise me from my profile at all as I do not post photos online.

He wrote to me about about how he had an affair but realised that is was unfair on everybody. Now he says he's on the dating website, looking for friends and compnay only.

HOnestly, this is the man who was going to make things right with his marriage while he was still trying to reel me in again! (4 moths ago).

NOw, he is trying to reel some other unsuspecting female in by saying he just wants to be friends. That's how he started with me, going on to wanting to help me until I fell for him.

Maybe there is truth in "Once a cheater, alsways a cheater."

As we live reaasonably close to each other I suppose it's not that much of a concidence, but I can hardly believe he's at it again after being caught before.

Read and remember. YOu aren't special to him. He will always be on the look ou for fresh prey.

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