His wife his partner and me - once a cheater always a cheater

by A Lover

He's married 2 grown up children plus a partner of 16 years and a lover - me.
An ex teacher he has a tight timetable to fit us all in his wife gets the lions share in terms of waking hours holidays (one month) sharing a will, decisions on the house - new kitchen etc. His partner gets the sleeping hours he leaves his wife every night to sleep the night with her she also gets a holiday one week to ten days, taken out on a Saturdaythe wife on a Sunday afternoon. What do I get? Told he loves me, texts before he goes to bed, when he gets up in the morning and during the day depending on how awkward it is. Time each night after work, days out when they can be fitted in. We laugh we love we enjoy each others company unless I push for more then he gets angry says he wont change but says he loves me. There's even tears and an anguished "what are we going to do" from him. Most of the time my heart is breaking in to tiny pieces. "I can't see a way out he says".

To anyone out there run if you feel attracted to a married man prepared to cheat before he sorts out his life. The intamacy generates attachement, attachement is designed to keep us together - more hurt more tears run as fast as you can. This isn't how you treat someone you love.

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His wife his partner and me - once a cheater always a cheater

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Jan 04, 2012
time to move on buddy NEW
by: rudy

If you can't figure this one out,let me tell you.This is a Big Waste of your time.You're barking up the wrong tree on this one.When you're feeling short changed,it means that you are being used.When you you meet an available person this one will become history real fast.Each day you waste with this UNAVAILABLE one could be a day you could of met an available one.Hey what a concept.

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