His wife knew it already

by Rain

Hi, I am simply a mistress or other woman, we've been in this relationship for a year now. He was caught by his wife already even called me through phone. He has two kids he's a seaman and got a plain housewife that when you see his wife he's that typical girl who does not associate with other people no social life only her kids, most of the time she stays on their room, never bother to talk with their neighbors, such an average lifestyle in the province very simple living no extra luxury.
I met this man in a bus when I was bound for home so sick that time and I am seated beside him it all started there...then he told me all lies as his second child was not his because it was carried by her wife 11 months, he's not happy with his wife and he have all the excuses of a husband. I started dating him without knowing he is a married man....after 6 months of dating i found out what has been hidden to me all along...and was so hurt by the truth because I knew it he have done everything to make me fall for him. My rage ranges to madness and pain. I tried so hard getting away but he keeps on reaching for me until the time I gave up. I am mad at the first time until I find myself in a state where I am accustom to what he's trying to create in my life. Now things rolled up, before he went to the province and be with his wife, he went home during his sons birthday, xmas, new and valentines, he's with me. Deep inside me i know that I am not supposed to be in this situation but i just can't get away every time i tried to make an effort to break with him so easy.i even turn him down so many times and pulled myself away from him and gets him rejected all the time. but he doesn't give up. he's always there, when I'm sick, even if his not on board right now but just working in a certain site with a normal average of income he always find time to be with me, he' does not go home to his family now but he's here in the city living alone in a certain place near me one ride from my place.i am so sad of what is happening please help...I am so confused and I am so mad at myself. Find time talking to him and asking him to release me coz I'm willing to give him back to her wife but he always said to me that will wait for the right time.....but I'm not sticking on it coz i don't want also to have him just as that .....

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