HIs Woman for Over 20 years

by Ronnie
(Atlanta )

Your right this experience is quite devastating! I was his..over 20 years; his to a man who has been a serious relationship with another woman (NOT MARRIED TO HER)for only 5 years longer than our relationship.

Yet on Monday he looked me in the face and said "i will not change and you mean nothing to me but SEX"; I have "LIED" to you all these years and you (meaning I) was stupid enough to believe him.. that was my fault. I did not see that statement coming...SHAME ON ME!!!

In all the years we were dealing, he was at every function and holiday, at my kids ceremonies and events, even for my grandchildren. I even went against my principals and let him meet my family. See he was never missing anything and always; I mean always was there as if he was my man.

Nothing was missing from this relationship; but the marriage. Which nether of us really wanted. I grew up seeing so many bad marriages in my family that I have no belief in marriage.

The money was there, he kept his own place and I kept mine. He had a key to my place; but never went there unless asking me first; that I know of; due to my children. None of my children are his.

I had a key to his place which i used whenever I wanted. I was as 2 of the three "P's" referenced by Steve Harvey: Provided for and Protected... Yes, the Profess of me as his woman was missing. Stupid ME! I know everything about the other woman and she knows nothing of me. We even attended lots of functions together over the years and she is clueless about me and him.

Yet now all I feel is RAGE..... I pray bad things happen to him. I am unable to focus and get him out my head... I asked the Lord to assist with this but he has yet to answer.

What can I do? I have not communicated with him since Monday.. nor will I ever!

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HIs Woman for Over 20 years

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Apr 15, 2012
The cheater is a viper NEW
by: Anonymous

even though you want him out of your life, the best lesson to him is to show him he is invisible to you, and even get a new man and be sure to show him off to all, including your cheater. and keep on keeping on. you are better than that, and no one desrves to be played with emotional,spiritually, or physically. get over that dumb forked tongue viper snake. He is deadly for your soul....... take care . be safe.

Feb 16, 2012
should of moved on years ago NEW
by: ron

Why would you keep seeing anyone for that long without some kind of promise or commitment.You wasted alot of time just hanging around with this guy and that was alright with you.If you want more from someone don't just hang around without some kind of idea where the relationship is going.I would of asked the guy years ago what his intentions were going to be with you.Then you would of moved on if he didn't want anything more from you than just sex.Life is short.

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