How to catch cheating spouse – red handed

To catch cheating spouse is to get evidence, proof, and to make sure you don’t confront him without the proof in your hand.

Okay, now that you’ve reviewed the signs of cheating spouse, some of you will not be satisfied with just that. The signs are there, in fact you KNOW he’s cheating, but why are you still stuck trying to figure out if he is REALLY cheating?…Yep, no evidence as yet.

Some people go the extra mile to catch cheating spouse, such as hiring expensive private investigator, but that’s expensive and you won’t need to do that as yet.

And a word of warning is: don’t confront him yet until you find the solid proof. Last thing you want is false accusation – and the more you try to contront him at this stage, the smarter he will get at cheating…(yes it’s a skill)

So if you want to catch cheating spouse, here are some tips for you:

1. Be in the cheater’s shoes. No I’m not telling you to cheat – nor should you do it for revenge. But for just five minutes, pretend that you are cheating on your partner.

What tricks are you going to pull up your sleeve to prevent yourself from getting caught?

Also, what reasons are you going to throw at your partner to get out of the house – you need to meet your ‘significant other’ somehow…

“Okay if you can’t wait already check out the actual tool I use to catch cheating spouse.

2. Change your schedule without telling him – or show up unexpectedly sometimes

This will help you to catch cheating spouse. A really good example of this is to mention you have a big plan on certain day…and cancel it on the day.

Now note the time it takes from the moment you say “I cancel my plan” to the time he disappears – to inform that significant other of course

3. This is important – act dumb

This is very important…the less your partner know of your suspicion, the easier it is for them to make mistakes, and the easier it is for you to catch the cheater.

4. Mobile phone and Computer

Check the phone bill, check for suspicious number that is called over and over again. Find out what time the call is made (during work hours, or before and after work). You can even go the extra mile by getting a report from a paid service about the person that owns the suspicious number.

Check browsing history in the computer to know what sites he has been visiting. If the history has been cleared, he is definitely hiding something.

5. Don’t bother checking his email – if you know the password.

It is better to get the password the sneaky way – Keylogger software such as Sherlock Pro offered as a FREE bonus.This is because you would know anyone with half a brain will create a SPECIAL personal email address to contact significant other – there are heaps of free hotmail and yahoo email addresses…

Especially if you know your partner’s access code.

Some smart cheater will also attempt to never log in at home – in case you install softwares, but really… everyone is bound to make mistakes…especially when fights start with their significant others.

In other words, I still recommend installing a computer software to give you all the information you need

BUT..make sure the computer software you install can NOT be traced by some anti-snooping sofware (Again, smart cheaters will try to counter your move before you do them)

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