by carol

i have been seeing a married man now for 18 months..he is a very kind and considerate man...i have feelings for this man very deep feelings and i think he feels the same way....i dont think he will ever leave his wife..i have told him how i feel and he says he cares....i think it is over now cause i havent heard from him in a few days.....its difficult to let go when i have such feelings for him........

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Sep 13, 2009
I was the Wife
by: Anonymous

Yes, I was cheated on by my husband of 14 and a half years. I finally divorced him, but he was not going to ever leave me for another woman. They want their cake and eat it to. I have seen women or the other woman suffering soo much heart ach over a married man. He is not worth the time and space. He will only tell lie after lie.

Sep 13, 2009
Move on
by: Anonymous

You are worth so much more than all this. I can tell you from experience you do NOT want to be second fiddle to his wife. He will NOT leave her. You will always be second. You will be the poop on his shoes if she finds out or if anyone finds out. Relax . TAke stock in who you are and the things YOU want out of life. He is losing out. Men like this are weak. They have the need to prove themselves to those around them and by having something on the side you are only accentuating what he thinks of himself. It is NOT about you only about him. His needs-- what he wants-- and when he wants it. I'm sure you are a beautiful person and he had something to do with helping you feel that way but trust me it was so he could lure you into this relationship. You will be better off-it will be nothing but lonely and painful.

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