by Stephanie
(New York, NY)

I met a man at work, he is a wonderful charming and honest man. We both have problems in our marriage. Although his was a bit different from mine, it just happened. I know he loves his wife dearly, but at one point he told me he loved me too. He explained to me that he was confused, but only because I gave him what his wife neglect to give him which was the love, the attention, communication, understanding, trust. He trusted me with everything and he always throw it to my face.

Until January 2010, his wife received an annouymous email stating that her husband was cheating. Of course he blamed me, and started not to trust me anymore. Than after a few months later and after talking, and being bashed and he had lost all respect for me, he realized that it was not me and during this entire process of talking and he treating me as a criminal he still wanted to be with me.

For the first 3 months I suffer and took all his insults, anger, and still stand my ground of inocents he wanted us to be together on his terms and conditions. I did take his terms and condition, but I don't I will ever recuparate what I lost and now he treats me as friends with benefits and always reminds me of this. He we are July, he on vacation with his wife and sat here remembering how it was the last 2 years we dated and compare it with today.

I love him and care about him, but I feel he doesn't feel the same for me and as hard as this is I am letting him go. For I don't ever want him to think less of me or feel that I am some cheap person. I have a great heart and I would go out of my way to make that special person happy, and I have tried very hard, perhaps too hard.

So with this I say good bye to that man I love so much. I place my closure here and hope this will help me get through my hard moments in my life. Take care and be happy with your wife.

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