Hurting and handled in the wrong way.

by Sexy Girl

I have been seeing a married man for about 8months now and he is 9yrs older than me. I have known him for about 16yrs but we just reconnected about 8months ago at a club.I have always wanted him back in the day but I knew he was married and I didnt want to step on his wife toes. I was in a bad relationship for 10yrs and I was very vulnerable and he step right in and I allowed him in as well.

I know his wife through a job I use to work at and I like her but I am also hurting her by messing with her husband. But I have been cheated on so many times by men and I was fed up but thats no excuse for what I am doing. But we never came into this relationship with the intension of him leaving his wife nor me wanting him to leave b/c I dont. I dont want a serious relationship now I just wanted some fun but bumped into the wrong fun. I want out of this but dont know how to go about it b/c he is so sweet to me and treats me like a lady is suppose to be treated, which is something I havent had in about 15yrs.

I fell right into something that in the long run will cost me if I dont end this. Sometimes I feel like I need him and I give him excitement that he claims that he was missing at home. The one thing that turned me on to him was the love he still carries for his wife of 27yrs.We care about each other and maybe a little love but you cant go far with love no matter what people say when you mess with a MM/MW. How do I fight these feelings of holding on to something I know will eventually end?

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