I am invoult business with him too.

by sussan

I was stupidly in love with him after I hart his childhood life. He come from very difficult family back ground while I was a good life.I didn't not know that he is married and most of his office friends also don't know that he married. He usually fill up his forms( personal documents)as single but some of us understand is he was married before but not now. After we dating for a while I realize that he is still living with his wife.

One thing is he is never try to married this women,she is over 10 year old and when he is only 22 at that time, this women has living with another man before him .She just using this young guy who has success at that time and want to have sexual experience with women and she never let him go and she come and stay his parents by force ,in Asia this is one things you cannot run away that woman come and stay with you and your parents.

He run away from this town after three months of that marriage and stay and work in different city.He try to divorce her many time but she never sign and she even falsely accuses him in township government that his family is beating her up.So since that time he is living in different city from that woman BUT bad thing is she is pregnant in her three months marriage, she always come and see him and he always angry and shouted to her .She is also never good to his parent and she has to moved out from his parent house after he leaving the town but she stay next to his parent place.So get to the point the child birth and he take some responsibility of the baby but never move in with her .

But few year later,before we meet this women come to the town that he live in and because of the child health they live closely.He is very pity to his daughter because the girl has a very weak heart and other health issue and + she really afraid of him because he always shout and fight with her mother all the time.Finally ,he decided to stay together again for the baby sick. I know his story after I meet one of his old friends and I don't know what to do.He told me he has un divorce while we are friend but I don't know they are living together and I thought is just past things but it's not .

There are a lot of thing going on and I don't know what to do things is almost 3 years now with him.We are running the successful business together and I don't want to destroy my business and I love him too.He also good to me in many way as a friend,as partner and lover but also there are many bad things too. I am the leading person of this business and he will facing the hard time if we brake up the company and I also very tired to start another one.

But I really want to brake free. I know I am smart,beautiful and successful lady and I never deserved to be mistress and I really hate myself to become one .I am angry at myself that I am deeply in love with him.I know what I have to do but sometime it is very hard to do the action.

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