I am the other women. I do not mind being the other women and I do not care if he leaves her for me. I know she was there when it started so who am I to tell him to leave her? I have never asked him to leave her. He has asked me if I want him to. I never will make him chose...it is my choice to walk away. Do I think he loves her? YES! Do I think he loves me? YES! Do I think he struggles in his mind what to do? YES. He also makes a choice to be in our relationship. I never talk bad about her..I sometimes say things to help them out. Funny huh?

For any women to think that a man will not cheat is fooling themselves. A majority of men cheat or will one day cheat when given the opportunity. So with that said, don't you think that it is better to be in a relationship where you know exactly where you stand. There is no question here...I know where I stand, I like where I stand, because I get the truth. Does she get the truth? NOPE.

I am a big girl, I know what I am doing. Do I feel bad for her? once in awhile...not too much. Why? Because if she really understood her man the way I do, she would know what he was doing. LIke I know what he is doing.

There is no reason for him to lie to me becaused I accept him for who he is. I love him for who he is. Do I think he would cheat on me if it was just me and him? You can only call it cheating if you do not know about it. If you know about it, it is not cheating it is then called an open relationship.

Do I get lonely when I can't talk to him or see him? YES...but it is also time for me.

Have I been on the other side? YES I have. Did it hurt? YEP. But I was also to blame for that...I understand why he did what he did to me.

So for all of the women out there that wonder if they are cheating? they probably are. If they can trust you to not leave if you know the truth, then you will get the truth.

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Oct 07, 2011
I understand
by: Anonymous

I say this, I understand how you feel and one day you will wake up like I need to wake up and realize that MM arent right and neither are we if we keep allow this to continue!!!! Hope it works out

Nov 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

Do you have no respect for yourself? This guy is a liar and cheater for one and two you must want aids cause if you think he loves you and faithful you are either blind or dumb..Hello use ur head !

Oct 17, 2010
Are you sure?
by: Anonymous

YOu know, he is probablly telling her that he would never lie too.

How well do you really know and understand him? His wife porbably think she knows and understands him too.

If he will cheat and lie to her whom he is supposed to love and cherish above all others, why do you think you will get the truth?

Sorry to throw cold ater on you, but I have been there. Any man who cheats on his wife is just no to be trusted.

You aren't the one, you are number two.

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