I can't belive it! Still in shock

by Leslie
(Danbury, Ct)

I have been involved with a man on and off for eleven years. When I met him I know he was single. Things seemed to change within the last three years. He seemed anxious and just didn't have any time for me. None the less he still emailed, called and slept with me. Our relationship became all about sex. Sadly enough that was ok for me. I made it easy. I should probably tell you that I knew this was not the bad of my dreams. I never wanted more from him and was never looking for marriage or a serious relationship.

I just found out that not only did he get married during our relationship, he also has two children. I'm so disgusted that a man would continue a sexual relationship with me while beginning a marriage and a family with another. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I know I need to end it and walk away but I just have so many questions I would like answered. Does he love his wife? What kind of marriage can this be when he has cheated from the start? Does his wife know?

I should mention that he is Indian and married an American woman( like me) I'm not sure if cheating is a cultural thing. I know he always spoke of marriage in a negative light up until recently. He was expected to get married by his family.

I know this was just a sexual relationship but we did spend a lot of time together and I just feel sick about this especially for the kids. I'm also feeling like a fool because I was so blind.

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