I Did It

by Dawn

Hi everyone, well my story begins almost 3 yrs ago, I met my MM online. We became good friends, then almost right away fell in love. I knew from the off he was married. I didn't care. I loved him, we were great together. We had so much in common. Only trouble is we were 300 miles apart. about 9 months after meeting on line we actualy met in real. It was wonderful. we spent a few stollen moments with each other it was fantastic. But ofcourse he always had to go home to the wife.

A few months later he came to stay with me for a few days, he was in my area with his work, so it was great having him here with me. we spoke on the phone during the week. and emailed and txt the rest of the time. Then i had to wait another 7 months to see him again. He came back up here with his work. Again was wonderful. He would still have to call home ofcourse, so she was always lurking in the background in my thoughts.

It's now been 17 months since i last held him in my arms. i finally woke up to smell the coffee. He was never going to leave her. They had been married 27 yrs. I did not want to be the one responsable for ending a 27 yr marriage. Fed up with getting little meetings on line with him lasting 15 minutes and having to re-arange my life to suit him. I ended it today. As we are so far apart I had to send an email. Told him how i felt. suprisingly got a reply just 20 minutes later.

He was shocked as he did not see that i was not happy just plodding on day by day. But wished me well and that was it. I am happy that it is done but sad that he did not put up more of a fight for me. But that chaptar in my life is over. It's time to start living.

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