I don't want him to leave her.

I was married for 25 years. Widowed too young.
He has been married for 20 years.
After giving him 2 fine children, his wife began drinking when the kids started school. Now in their late teens, she is a serious alcoholic. He says he can leave her when the youngest goes off to college soon.

I was emotionally kicked in the backside when my husband was suddenly gone. The emotional torture of regrouping your life without your man is horrible. I don't wish that on anyone, much less, want to be the cause of it.

I spent the same amount of time as a housewife as she has, only I had resources and job skills she doesn't have. I managed to create a career and support myself. She can not. The relationship may be morally wrong but I'm ok with it as it is. He has plenty of time for me. I am convinced they have a don't ask/don't tell relationship. Any sober woman would have challenged his regular time away long ago.

My friends think I deserve a public relationship. I keep it d1screet out of respect for him. I don't think I would be happier with him full time knowing she was struggling. So I am fine with settling for the part time relationship we have.

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