I see a married man every now and then

by Feagin
(Pensacola Fla)

I meet this man about seven months ago,He is a nice guy the hold time I spent time talking to this man he never said anything about his wife not even mention her name. As time have pass by I tell my self it's cool he don't talk about her. I feel he don't love me. It's just on the sheet for him and I he do call me about everyday. But we never talk about me and him so this tell me he just here for the sheets. I always felt when I started to fooling around with him it was just something to do. I feel that something is not right at home but since he been seeing me things at home are find and I got to tell him stay at home your wife need you not me because I can feel you not their with me when we are together he told me in January we needed to take I'll sex level to higher level so we did that. But to me this wife of his not making love to him the way he want it and me I will not try any more and fill his void for him he need to try with his wife. I am six years younger than he is. This man is everything I ever wanted in a man but it's something missing it's not me it's something he need to straighting out between him and wife are eirther open up to me because I am about to close the book on this relationship I can't stand in the way of my feeling and not pressing any where with you. So whoever read this please give your two cent to what happen in this relationship.

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