I started an affair with a married man

by Someone scared
(North Carolina)

I recently started an affair with a married man, KNOWING he was married before we even met face to face (we started talking online). I was looking for a friend / gym partner I could hang out with. When we started talking we had so much in common, same interests, same childhood experiences, all the way to having spouses cheat on us. I knew when we met that I was attracted to him, but figured since I was the wife being cheated on in my last relationship, I would never do that to another woman. (I am now divorced). He has been married 3 times now and just recently gotten back together with his wife of 7 years (they got back together before we met). They separated cause he caught her with another man (so he says).

I know it's wrong to continue my relationship with him, but it feels so right when we're together. He claims that he never cheated on his wife before, but since she did, he feels he has that right and claims he loves her and never will leave her. He believes that Love is a BAD 4 letter word and has asked that we never emotionally get connected, but only physical. How can you be only physical with a "friend" when we met at least 2 times a week and we have ONLY been sexually together now 2 times. (we've been meeting now about 5 weeks). So I can actually say, he is more of a friend then JUST a sex partner. I guess I am confused at what he says and then what he does. They don't match up.

I mean for example: He says he wants only the sexual encounters with me, but he is the one that calls me & sets up our meetings. Only 2 times where they in hotels & the other places were at restaurants or parks where there CAN'T be any intimacy. He calls or texts me all the time to talk to me about everything under the sun & very rarely does it involve sexual content. I am getting told one thing and he is doing different things, I AM FALLING IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN & I know I shouldn't, but can't help it. There is nothing he has done or said that makes me want to pull away. He says he doesn't believe in love, but he does care for me. Then I heard him on the phone tell his wife he loved her.

He has no children, so that isn't keeping him in the marriage. I just wish I knew what to do, sadly, at this point all he would have to say is "I want to be with you, lets move in together" I WOULD do it in a heartbeat!

Can someone help me to understand this game he is playing?

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