I thought "forever" would have been longer.

by Pink Diamond
(Tucson AZ Pima)

Ok here it is and Ill try to sum it it, After 22 Years of marrage youd think there waas somthing real there right? Well apperntly not. We had the whole happy family life goin on there for a long while, don't get me wrong there were arguements and disagreements and even miss understadinngs, but thats what happens when 2 people love each other and spend al most every hour of the day togather. But in my case the problems all started when he got money.

His father passed in 2006 and he inhearted almost a million dollers. So what does a family man do? Well he shipped me and our 3 boys off to a different town 45 mins away no car, no phone,m and not any food. So I took a local waitress job to put food on the table, the now X bought corvettes, harley davidsons, and its very hard to put a wife and 3 kids on the back of one of them. We started a Towing business and when I say we I mean me, I started the business set up the entire operation, from zero to $$ money making until, one day i heard him telling a girl we were not married and it was over for years in his mind.Of coure I asked him about it and he told me I "Didnt make him feel like a man".

Well you have no idea how much of a shock this was to me. So I stepped up my game tried to make him feel more like a man. But obviously not enough of a women. Cuz in the end to sum it all up he moved in the missteress, moved me onto the streets and took away my boys from me. told them hurtful lies about me and that I abandanded them. But none of the lies were true. Once again long story here,at 35 years old I got the chicken pox and almost died alone in my car in the desert.It was at this point in my life I realized my husband was gone, only the shell of what I once love remained.

And he didnt want me any more. That was 4 years ago. Now even thou I havent got much and I struggle daily for ends meet, I am 10 times happier now then I ever was married. I have all three of my boys with me again, and the X is faceing a 25 year sentence from law inforcement. the girl he left me for left him for his best friend. OUCH! but heres the kicker, I met a man who s given me the stranght,support, both financily and emotionaly to carry on hes a great guy all around, would give the shirt off his back to help anyone who needed it.

Only one major flaw..... His wife. Yep and dont think I havent thoiught of my little gal karma there cuz I thiknk of her daily. Weve been togather 2 and a half years now and he s with me almost every night. How did I get myself in to this crazy drama? and how do I getr my self out of it. I am no the one who is going to be responcable for ruining another marrage. I know the pain and I know what the other womans points of view now to... but here I am on his lap top looking for the right answers. I anyone has It [please) share it with me. Cuz I have no idea. Betrade By Love

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