i was the other woman but not anymore

I was with a married man for about three years. I knew that he would never leave his wife even though he constantly complained about her. He was using me to tolerate his wife and I will not allow that any longer. I but I have stopped having any sex with him. i value myself and I changed how I feel. I decided to become celibate and wait for someone that really loves me. i want to have a normal relationship with someone. I feel sorry for his wife because even though she has everything she gets into bed with a man she can't trust. I dont have to deal with him any longer. we are still friends but that is what we are just friends. I will NEVER cross that line ever again. I learned my lesson. What a waste of time. for real.. Once you wake up, you realize how much you wasted with a loser.

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i was the other woman but not anymore

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Nov 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

I understand you are upset and Yes Karma may catch up, but in the same token, why blame just "us" we are not the ones who took vows with you, nor are we the ones who made promises in front of God , and Family and Friends. He did. YOUR husband/Wife. I have lived life from both sides of this fence and , Yes I felt just like you, wanted those woman to suffer, karma, hurt pain That I felt. But now that I have been the O.W. I feel and now know the pain that this person who we both loved hurt us both. It was not her fault that he cheated, IT WAS HIS, his loyalty was to me , not hers. She was just as much a victim as I was. So although I sympathize with you, you are throwing stones at the wrong person. Look to the person who could have stopped all this before it started. If a person really loves another they are that persons center, if they cheat apparently the center is not quite what it used to be for the one stepping out of the marriage.

Sep 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

Shame on all you women who think its ok to even encourage any married man!!!!!!!!!!!!
How dare you be so self indulgent!
Do you stop and think one moment if you were married and loved someone if they did that to you how you would feel? Or better yet their kids?
Do you think when you wreck a marriage your're only hurting a wife? Wrong!!!!!!!!!!
My God I can't stand what the world has become!
Women and Men just thinking of themselves, no morals, no values, not even once ounce of the hell you'll put someone else through! Shame on all of you married men woman chasers!!!!!!!!!!
Karma it will catch up to you!

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