I was the other woman, not sure if I was ready to leave

by Royy

Well my Story is a bit different, However i can't say that I don't feel the same. My man wasn't Married but he was in a 6year relationship. We met at my job. He came one day we chatted &he sa tarted to come daily. One day he asked me on a date, I agreed to go of course. I mean he was so charming. Our 1st phone convo he told me he had someone but they were going through a break up & he wasn't looking for anything serious. I was very much under the impression that he would soon me mine. I mean he wasn't in a real relationship & he wasn't married right??? Wrong! He actually bought a cell phone to talk to me on. I thought it was weird being that they were breaking up. However my Foolish heart didn't allow me to leave. We talked every day except for Sundays. Everything seemed well for me being that he NEVER mentioned her. One day he complained about her to me, told me he was very unhappy. He confessed his true feelings about her, that I never knew was there. He would always tell me how special Iam. I never once asked him to leave her bit I only secretly wished that he did. He had made it very clear before the he wasn't going to leave her, but I loved him and he loved me so I hoped that love would make him leave her. Months later he cried to me saying that he had to make a discussion., either me or her. I was Very happy I mean he always said he wouldn't leave her, but now he's actually saying that he would! I knew for sure he was mine. I knew that I had won. I knew that this was my man, & we would be more than happy. In November I gave him a deadline. New Years! I couldn't bring his drama with me for the New Years being the Other woman. Well I'll just say its Dec 5 & he made his choice. He is with her!!!!!!! It hurts me like crazy. I believe that if it wasn't for me being there for him emotionally, physically , etc.. His relationship would have been over. I'm so hurt and can't believe he made me think that I had a chance. He left with my heart. Have you ever tried sleeping with a Broken Heart?

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