I'm tired of this, too weak to get out!!!

by Maria
(Fairfax, VA)

I have been in a relationship with a married man for 10 years, out of these 10 years, he moved out 5 years ago saying he had enough, he was done and was getting divorced, however he still visit his kids everyday to help with homework, always with the kids every single weekend, saying his wife is doing errands, she will be back shorlty, I sit and wait all day long and he doesn't show, nothing on his life has changed except the fact he does not live there, he still walks in that house with a key, "saying I paid the mortgage" even though he was the one that left, I am a single Mom, has not dated anyone during 5 years because he keeps telling me the divorce papers are coming, however has not seen one single draft.

I have spend every holiday alone, weekends, if I get a few hours a week is a lot, lost most of my friends because I rather sit and wait for him, always making myself available, he has not spend an overnight at my place in 3 years, because for a brief period of time he lived with me, but I kicked him out after spending all the holidays that year alone, I should have stop right there all together, but he always find a way to sneak himself back in.

I have posted a few profiles on dating website, he found them and make me feel guilty for cheating on him after everything we have been through, regardless he still married, no one in his family knows I exist, but everyone close to me knows about him, I have broke up so many times I lost count. I have read articles, purchased over 20 books, gone to therapy, Im depressed, lonely, don't know what else to do.

Would love to have a normal life, but don't have the strenght of staying away from this man for no over 2 weeks at a time, tried to ignore his texts, phone calls for a while, but keep falling off the wagon.

I keep hearing how beautiful and nice person I am, I deserve a full time relationship, I have invested so much in this, don't know what to do...

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Dec 30, 2013
Better to be safe than sorry
by: Ron

Messing with one's spouse is a good way to get shot.Leave married people alone.Find a single person and you'll avoid that whole situation.Don't date recently divorced people either,they are on the rebound.Wait till they've been on their own for at least 6 months to a year.That way they are not weak or vulnerable.Divorce is a real messy process.No one wins (usually)Take time to let the dust settle for sure,Good Luck out there...

Dec 29, 2013
How to be happy!
by: Anonymous

Please read the book "the way to happiness "a common sense guide to better living. This book is distributed by the way to happiness foundation international and has incredible information on how to create a happy marriage or relationship. If you apply the precepts your life will improve dramatically. These precepts are not the opinion of L Ron Hubbard, the author, but were simple observations that helped people live happy lives.

Getting in the wrong relationship with someone is a major problem but Conditions can improve for you if you follow the information in the book. Can't tell you how much this book calms down one's environment! Read it and tell your friends.

Jul 31, 2013
Word to the wise
by: karma

Remember the old saying what goes around comes around.If YOU become involved with someone who's married ,one day another person like you will get involved with YOUR husband.Then the next thing you know your marriage is destroyed beyond repair.Divorce is a real messy thing,very stressful.All because you couldn't find a single person.All because you let yourself become sexual with someone you knew was married and decieving his own wife.I bet you're real proud of yourself stealing another ones affection to satisfy yourself.Its called ADULTERY.Don't do it.Don't ruin someone's family it really sucks.Wait til he's DIVORCED, then you won't be stealing another womans man.Pretty simple huh.Until then just avoid cheating men.If he'll cheat on his own wife how can you ever trust this guy?

Jul 25, 2013
enough wasted time
by: Anonymous

The biggest regret we have is when you waste your time on a dead end relationship.Time is too valuable to waste on another womans husband don't you think?Time to focus on an SINGLE man.You may either want to join a match maker web site or just stay on your own for awhile.Mr right will come along when you're not looking.When you least expect it.At the grocery store or at the mall.You certainly have wasted enough time on this user.I would drop this guy like a bad habit.Then spend your time on yourself and quit destroying his wife's marriage.You've done enough damage by being his mistress.It'll take a little time, move on, be patient.You'll be alright without this drama in your life.

Jul 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

If you wanna catch a cheater via the computer, you can install a keylogger in the computer, and this tool will help you to log and track all his/her online activities for you to find out the truth. For more information, please visit: http://www.anykeylogger.com/how-to-catch-a-cheater.html

Oct 20, 2012
time to get a life of your own
by: rudy

This is exactly what happens when you fool around with a MARRIED man.You get played!He'll tell you anything to keep you hanging around.He wants to continue to have sex with you and his wife.You have foolishly volunteered for this by not moving on with your life.Time to move on.That means start dating SINGLE men.There are thousands of them out there.Change your number and delete any e-mails from this MARRIED PLAYER.Don't even read them because it'll be the same crap he's been feeding you all along.That is why you are where you're at with this loser.Enough time wasted.You wouldn't advise a girfriend to date a married man,so stop doing it yourself.Take your time and move forward with your life...

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