ime free......

just to say to every woman...i to was with a married man for 2 years, if he had had his way it would have gone on and on..course..he is getting the VERY best of both WORLDS...,it nearly destroyed me,physically.mentally...i so wish i had read some of these storys b4 i got involved..if i had,i wouldnt be wrighting this trying to stop another woman from the pain i received.i was at my lowest...he lied to me ever i didnt realise this untill i started to want better for my self.I GENUINELY thought this was a good man..just in an unhappy happens..but only in the other womans mind..bless your hearts.thought he really loved me..ha,wot a joke....these woman that are telling there storys have been there or are still there...listen hard...he loved me eh!!!!!he watched me cry.disintergrate loose weight and nearly my mind...i tooo loss friends that were just fed up of adviseing me ,crying,and still going bk for more;;;if you want to end up like me and these other her poor woman,then the decision is yours..if i could help one person by writeing this,then ime happy...ladys...they will not leave...its true wot they say...we deserve to be loved and not be there dirty secret....i was lucky enough to confide in my mother,who spent alot of time talking me round and mopping up my tears..ime free now,but he still trys to get to me...i wont look bk and ime getting stronger every wasnt untill i got away that i realised i was strong enough not to be brainwashed any last thing..something i read...we worry that it is going to hurt,but the FEELING is the same as you are going through daily now....the good thing is that the pain stops as you regain some self respect and dignity..these guys are complete ARSEHOLES.....DONT JUST READ LISTEN....MY HEART GOES OUT TO EVERY ONE OF YOU...BUT REMEMBER.. I WAS A WALKING WRECK THIS TIME LAST YEAR...NOW...imelooking fwd to meeting someone free that wants to love me and be seen with me..DO NOT KID YOURSELF YOU ARE DIFFERANT..all these affairs end the same way...they carry on with there fullfilled lives,while us...were just older.lonely.and right bk where we started..just alot more resentment and survived b4 he came in to your world and you will again trust me...sleeping well and wakeing happy is just to all.from a very free ladyx

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ime free......

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Oct 03, 2010
too true
by: Anonymous

it's so true tht the pain of leaving is no worse than the pain of staying. My guy actuaolly had left his partner but wasnt taking the next steps to be ready with me. In the interim he suddenly started treating me very badly. (I was only an ow for a short time as he left his partner very quickly as I made it clear I wouldnt be an OW but still I can see that for however short a time that is exactly what i was).

I was with him before her anyway but I ended it then, and now I recall that I ended it for a reason, just as I have ended it again, all these years later after hooking up again briefly again for a reason.

my single g/friend just got through telling em about all the great guys she is meeting through internet dating. when Im ready Im going to give it a try. Anything has to be better than the disregard this try treated me with.

In the end i contacted her and told her had been having affairs all over town for years (whch was true). I didnt mention the two of us specifically but she must have known she was getting a call from a strange person interstate all of a sudden telling her this for a reason.

She was a bit shocked I think when I mentioned I'd knownt the guy for 20 yrs ( as theyd been together only 10!!)

thankgod I was only an OW for him at the very end of his r.ship wiht her but for all I know they are going to get back together anyway. I just know that I oculdnt take any more engrating treatment by him.

It was extremely painful and for all I am in the midst of terrible withdrawals I know I have done the right thing. I was losing all self respect and sanity and no guy in the world is worth that!!

Jun 05, 2010
to perfect
by: Anonymous

My pleasure...i want to help anyone i can...its been 3 mths now.i wont look bk,,still get the odd letter and phonecall at work,but just put phone down,,no contact is the only makes sence doesnt it,,the bit about the pain is the same,,leaveing or staying,,that was something i read,,and it helped me make my final decision..good luck to you..hope you are free,and rebuilding your self,as i to you all/xxxxx

Jun 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

Beautifully put- the pain of leaving is no worse than the pain we suffered every day of worrying, anxiety and distrust.

Thank you for putting things in such a great way.

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