Infidelity Investigation – DIY Catch a cheating spouse

First of all, a little insight to how private investigators do their infidelity investigation:

They use variety of techniques to get evidence and proof including:

1. Camera surveillance using physical equipments – videos and sound recording equipments are often used to make sure the proof is genuine.
2. Tailing the suspect to see where he goes and who he is with
3. Background checks using any information you provide such as car registration, phone numbers, memberships etc

So with his full information in your hand, lets explore ways you can catch him:

Infidelity investigation using GPS Tracking system

Yes, technology now allows you to use GPS tracking system to track exactly where he is at particular times of the day. This will surely give you an idea on where the meeting place might take place.

The car mileage might show an extra 50 mile, GPS tracking system will show you the exact location

Infidelity investigation using Internet monitoring Software

This is by far my favourite way of catching a cheating spouse. This is due to the fact that internet monitoring software is relatively easy to install and is cheaper to get proof this way.

More information to do a DIY catch a cheating spouse

Here are some evidence you can find around the house – or trails cheaters leave (It’s hard to do a perfect crime)

1. Notes or post-it notes that sounds sweet hidden or left in his pocket – and it is not for you. This is especially true if he doesn’t even want you get close to his wallet.

2. He wears a different clothes than when he left the house earlier in the morning.

3. His stories just don’t add up – although this is not hard proof unless you record it using some secret audio recorder or something.

4. The suspicious number on his cell phone bill – or too many prank calls to your home number.

5. Credit card statement showing ‘suspicious’ transactions.

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