Involved with a cheating husband – will he ever leave his wife?

You are aware that you are going out with a cheating husband – you’re the ‘other woman’. You are wondering if he ever is going to leave his wife.

There are excuses after excuses he gives you whenever you demand him to leave…”Me and my wife are just like room mates, I am not happy in my marriage and only staying because of my kids.” Or, “I think this time we are done.”

And with whatever excuses they can come up with…a cheating husband still is very reluctant to leave his marriage.

Let me ask you, do you REALLY want him to leave his wife? and isn’t his action proving to you that he is very reluctant to leave?

Statistics actually say VERY RARELY cheating spouse leave their partner for the third party.

It is not about whether or not he will leave his marriage, the question is: should you continue letting this man waste more of your time?

Now that you are involved, some advice that you should take is:

1. Move forward. Leave this chapter alone

Your heart can go out of whack at this stage and will happily inform your brain: “I love him so much and leaving him will hurt me.”

But look!…if you are putting your life on hold for a cheating husband, you are wasting time..BIG time.

I’m sure deep in your heart you know that you are NOT supposed to be there.

You deserve to have a normal relationship, you deserve to have a man that can be there for you ALL the time…you should leave his marriage alone.

Yes I’ve heard women telling me “I know it’s destiny! it’s fate! we were meant to be but we just meet each other a little too late, he loves me so much”

Wake up girl! a guy who loves you would not keep you as a second tier secret lover, he would want you to be the centre of his world.

A cheating husband is just selfish and whilst he may be attracted to you, he does not love you.

“if you love someone, you want that person to be happy…and to be honest, are you happy?”

Wake up to that line enough until you decide to move on.

2. Accept that he is a liar.

He obviously lies to his wife and children (if applicable) big times. Most likely he is lying to you too.

Do you really know what his relationship with his wife looks like? Do you really believe it when he says he is not sleeping with her anymore?

Actions speak louder than words. A cheating husband normally likes to talk without fulfilling any of his promises to you.

3. No matter how selfish love is, think of his wife

Oh no…many third party-er just cannot wait to get rid of her man’s wife – let alone think about her.

Of course you may forget that there are three people involved in this and your position is not necessarily better. Face it, SHE’s the one married to him.

Try to put yourself in the wife’s shoes. She’s been married to him for a while and no surprise sweet memories have been created between them.

She knows him longer than you do, and she probably loves him as much as you do. She has seen the worse part of him and put up with both good and bad side of him.

Would you want to be in her position?

There is a saying that says “What goes around comes around”

Plus! even if a cheating husband ends up leaving his wife for you, you are always haunted by the guilt – not to mention you will feel very insecure scared that he will go back to his wife anytime soon.

No matter what your married man say, the statistics alone reveals relationships born out of affairs survive less than 5 percent of the time.

Somebody said to me a quote: “If you marry a guy who cheats on his wife, you are married to a guy who cheats on his wife”.

Further to this, how do you know he’s not going to do it again TO you?

4. Break up with him RIGHT NOW – or do it by the end of the day.

When I was involved with a married man, I procrastinated breaking up with him for around three months.

That was the longest time ever wasted in my life, excluding the time I already wasted with him before deciding to move forward.

The sooner you break up with him, the better.

You will feel brokenhearted, but it will be once and for all (Promise me you won’t want to play with fire again).

Think about it, the pain it causes to stay with him is the same with the pain it causes to break up with him. The difference is, leaving him will cause only temporary pain.

Most importantly, breaking off from this relationship will give a chance for someone who really loves you to come into your life, sweep your feet off the ground, and let you have the normal relationship that you deserve.

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