Its not an easy ride. Wouldnt do it again.

by Annie

Our story started 30 years ago. We dated in highschool and I had always known he was the one. After highschool we went out separte ways and lost contact for 30 years, but he had never left my heart or mind. We both married and had childern over the years and its seems that we have crossed paths many times and never knew the other was there. We found each other again on facebook. Yes good ol facebook.

It took one conversation on the phone to know what was going to happen. The problem. He was still married with a teenager at home ready to graduate from highschool. Well needless to say one month after finding each other we sealed the deal and we werent going to let anything stop us. He had a rocky marriage and was in the process of getting out. (so he said ). Well not to go into the whole ugly drama, she was not on the same page as him...So needless to say she did find out and it got very nasty. He was good at not communicating with his now ex and teenager. Their life was a fasade from beginning to end. I cant tell you the hell I have gone through because of the termoil this affair brought to their household. If a person loves you they will take care of their old business and then persue a honest realationship with you.

Oh the out come of all this. Well he is divorced and we live together. I have a relationship with his child and the ex still continues to cause problems. Dose he love me. Oh yes. Do I love him. Oh yes. Did we do it the right way. No. Is it hard. Yes. A year and a half of alot of pain and lies and doubt has come to me apologizing to his child. Yes be prepared for that one. If you cheat you need to be prepared to humble yourself and apologize to the proper people for being the selfish person your are. Oh and you will have to live with an ex wife that will try anything to tear you two apart. I can go on for days on that one. All in all. I am just another woman who learned the hard way.

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