It's over

by Dizzy Lizzy

I'm a married woman who has fallen for a married man. He's amazing, he makes me laugh, smile and think. But he has three little kids, one of which is a friend of my son's. I have a daughter as well.

We were both existing in our lives and not happy. We became friends actually. Saw each other every morning before work, about 3 lunches a week, plus a quick hello at the end of the day. We'd also for a run at night and make sure we met up to sit and talk for a few moments before we each ran home.

He made me feel like I was the only one in the world. That I was the prettiest, most amazing person that ever walked the earth. Did all the movie type things that every woman wants. A kiss in the rain, candies "love hearts", would pick me up a tea and bring it to my office, flowers.... and all of this still after his wife found out.

He told me he loved me, he was in love with me. Was making plans for the future, talked about how he was going to introduce me to his friends and family. Couldn't wait for the day that he'd wake up and see my face on the pillow next to him.

Today he's told me that he isn't ready to leave.

For 6 months this man was my world, I have already started the process of leaving my husband (which needed to be done before all of this) and today......I'm just another one that gets to be told....married men don't leave.

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